Coffee Academy

Hkcg coffee college

The Hkcg coffee college was established in 2012. The director of the Academy, Mr. Wu Qiaowen, has accumulated decades of experience from the store. He has a deep understanding of the needs and details of the cafe’s operation, and uses this as the core concept to pass on to every student who comes to class. In addition to SCA certification courses, we have also introduced courses from Japanese sophisticated coffee brand Maruyama Coffee.

There is also The Barista Camp, which can inspire baristas’ thinking ability. In 2018, we introduced the SCENTONE smelling training system, all in order to enable relevant personnel in the coffee industry chain to obtain correct and useful knowledge and make it easier for consumers to have a drink Delicious coffee.

Full of gratitude, we have been obsessed with the dream and career of coffee for decades. Not only making a good cup of coffee, but also a professional coffee system service provider around you.

Part 1  SCA certification training


SCA: International Specialty Coffee Association

The two major coffee education institutions, SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe), were merged and established in January 2017 to optimize the merger of the resources of the two organizations and provide better coffee consultation and knowledge to the global coffee industry.

With the merger of the two associations, the education system has also been upgraded. The education system used by SCAA is EDUCATION PATHWAY, and the education system used by SCAE is COFFEE DIPLOMA SYSTEM. The new education system integrates the original two education systems, and the new education system is named COFFEE SKILLS PROGRAM.



Part 2 Customized professional coffee training


For major coffee events, players often feel confused when preparing. At the same time, the two teachers, who have multiple roles of assistant, player, judge, coach, and baker, will give the players direct and objective planning. The selection of raw beans and the preparation of equipment are fully supported.


We can also customize and develop personalized training programs according to your business needs to help companies solve the needs of talent training, including the basic operation of coffee equipment, the production of coffee drinks, and professional training in daily quality control and operation management. Pay attention to practical operability during lectures, so that students have the opportunity to carry out practical operations under the guidance of instructors, and to master skills in a timely and fast manner, ensuring that your key personnel and management can master new coffee consulting and technology.

We will also continue to respond to the diversified training needs of customers, flexibly adjust solutions, and ensure the high quality of the courses.


Part 3  International Masters Seminar

International Baking Symposium

The class is taught by Mr. Maruyama Kentaro, the owner of Maruyama Coffee in Japan. Mr. Maruyama has decades of roasting experience, with a monthly output of more than 20 tons, and insists on selling only specialty coffee. What is the importance of baking? Mr. Maruyama attaches great importance to tasting! That is to find the right baking from the taste of consumers. Therefore, the course will combine cupping and roasting, comparing different producing areas, different roasting levels, and different varieties of coffee. First, let everyone understand the variability of coffee, and then return to roasting. How to adjust from your original roasting method and find what you want The taste you want.


International seminar

AST Training course:AST=AUTHORISED SCAE TRAINER,this is a trainer approved by the SCA Association, who has obtained the qualification of a trainer, can carry out coffee training courses and issue course certificates in any place.


Barista competition seminar

Lectured by Ms. Suzuki Shu, worked at Maruyama Coffee in Japan, with many years of experience in competition, and ranked fourth in the world. It is up to her to convey her coffee teacher and students planning, as well as the experience and mentality of participating in the competition, and remind students to pay attention to the matters that should be paid attention to when participating in the competition. Teacher Suzuki, who has a humble personality and is obsessed with coffee, can bring great demonstration effects to the students!


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